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Tips n cheats | 007racing

Tips n cheats
To unlock the secrets in the cheats menu, complete the following tasks To activate a secret, press X then ´down´ to select Continue. NB - All secrets only work on missions already completed.
Pre-mission Replay (1p mode):-
Mission 1, Agent difficulty: complete in less than 90 secs. After activating the secret, complete Mission 1 again for a replay.
Slippery Track
Mission 2, 00Agent difficulty: knock out all 11 fire hydrants and complete the mission.
No Radar (2p)
Mission 3, Agent difficulty: complete with at least 85% health remaining.
Unlock All Missions (1p, 00 Agent difficulty)
Mission 4, 00Agent difficulty: complete mission without hitting any civilian cars.
Red Sea (1p)
Mission 5, Agent difficulty: disable all three tanks and complete the mission. This turns all the water red.
Funky Missile Trail
Mission 6, 00Agent difficulty: complete with all of the empty tents standing.
Crazy Skids
Mission 7, Agent difficulty: complete with 100% score.
Double Health
Mission 8, 00Agent difficulty: complete with 100% health remaining. Medikits are now worth double points.
Double Damage (2p)
Mission 9, Agent difficulty: collect all nitro and TSP-6060 pick-ups and complete mission.
Purple Explosions
Mission 10, 00Agent difficulty: complete with 100% score.
Blue Goggles (1p)
Mission 11, Agent difficulty: complete with 100% health. The IR goggles are now tinted blue instead of red.
All Gadgets
Mission 12, 00Agent difficulty: complete in less than 2.00
Compound Arena (2p)
Mission 7, Agent difficulty: complete mission
Rooftops Arena (2p)
Mission 10, 00Agent difficulty: complete the mission.
Aston Martin Vantage (2p)
On the title screen (´press start´), press L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X, to hear someone laugh.
Tall Pedestrians (1p)
Enter LEMKE on the enter name screen after completing any mission.
Cheat Mode
Enter MMMQRRQ as a name in mission mode (after completing any mission) to hear laughter. All the secrets in the cheat menu will now be unlocked.

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